About Us

Love Share Events is a fantastic group of like minded individuals who want to pay it forward within our industry.
We consist of roughly 25 members who include photographers, wedding & event planners, jewellery, travel agents and many more.
Our goal is to help one another move forward and to grow our businesses.

We’ve all agreed to “like, comment and share” each other’s work through social media and referrals. Our pay it forward aspect will be to come together as a group and host a conference educating couples on planning their weddings and giving them educational advice. Also the biggest endeavor for this group is that were trying to give away a free wedding to a deserving couple who has experienced a life changing event that has caused them to stop their wedding because of funds. A spin to this is one of the requirements is that the couple would need to raise funds for a charity of their choice; therefore continuing the “pay it forward” theme.

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