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Last weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying one of our Love Share Events Founders, Natalka Lee to visit our winning couple, Joanie and Gabriel and I must say, they ARE the reason why I believe in this group so very much.

In case you haven’t had the chance to hear their story, here it is:

Joanie and Gabriel have been together for the last six years. Three years ago, Joanie gave birth to their beautiful son Jacob. At that time, Gabriel proposed. So thrilled and excited about their family and the future, they started to plan and save up for their wedding.

Just a few months ago, they noticed Jacob started to have difficulty walking and running; some days it was impossible for him to get out of bed. His joints would be in constant pain and would swell up like a balloon. Just like any parent hurting and fearful for their child, they started making appointments with every doctor and specialist they could, to find out what was wrong. Finally, they they got the diagnosis, Jacob has Juvenile Arthritis. This is an affliction which affects only 1/1000 children. Treatment was started immediately, and quickly depleted whatever savings they had and putting their wedding plans on hold indefinitely. Jacob’s treatment includes a regiman of medication in the morning and night and Gabriel must administer injections twice a week. Additionally they must go to the Montreal Children’s Hospital for a treatment at the rheumatology department. Joanie has her hands full with daily physical therapy for Jacob and caring for a newborn, born prematurely due to the stress.

Joanie, Jacob, Gabriel and Leo
Joanie, Jacob, Gabriel and Leo

Upon hearing about the Love Share Events Free Wedding Contest, their friend, Suzan nominated Joanie and Gabriel. They had no clue!

Walking into their welcoming, modest, home and being greeted with hugs and happy tears was just the icing on the cake! Jacob and his baby brother are the most adorable children. Just looking at Jacob’s face solidifies every reason about why this couple was chosen. Now that he started treatment, he is slowly getting back to being his old self, an energetic three year old. A brand new beginning for the whole family!

They are so grateful, excited and so ready to pay-it-forward themselves. Joanie and Gabriel have decided to start a foundation in honour of Jacob at the Montreal Children’s hospital, rheumatology department .

Stay tuned and find out how their fundraising efforts are progressing and also how the Love Share Events group is helping to create their wedding dream come true!

For more information about Joanie and Gabriel’s foundation for Jacob please contact us.

Listen to Dr. Laurie’s podcast from last night on CJAD, November 12th with a special interview with Gabriel himself!!

Allison Plachcinski, WPICC
Director of Communications at Love Share Events
Allison Plachcinski is the owner & principal planner of A Belle Affair Weddings & Events. She is also the Director of Communications at Love Share Events.

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