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On Falling in Love & Finding “The One”: Joanie & Gabriel

We asked Joanie and Gabriel the essential five questions about their relationship and proposal! Their answers will leave you ooh'ing and ahh'ing just making you feel so happy and excited for this amazing couple! 1) Where and how did you meet each other? "We met in September 2008 at a vocational training school on the South shore;...
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Love Share Events Launch Party at Espace Canal L’Ambroisie Montreal: James Paul Correia

James Paul Correia is a photographer of James Paul Correia Photography in Montreal, Quebec. He was one of the photographers at our Love Share Events Launch Party that took place on Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 at L'Ambroisie: L'Espace Canal in Montreal. We took this blog off of his Read more

Introducing Love Share Events!: Stefan Jez

This blog has been taken from Stefan Jez's Uptown Xpress Productions blog with his permission. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we do! You may have started to see some buzz on Facebook about a new group I am very proud to be part of… Introducing...
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Building With Heart: Natalka Lee

You are in the heart of it and you are invited to witness the birth of a very significant mission: the creation of a collaborative group of event industry professionals who have come together to promote and support one another; and who believe in paying it forward.
"... just the idea of competition sends...
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