Dagmar Daghofer Dagmar Daghofer
Travel Designer at Vision 2000 Travel Group

Dagmar was bitten by the travel bug at a very young age, when her Austrian parents introduced her to the big-city sights and simple country pleasures of Europe. Dagmar spent many summers in a little town just outside Salzburg – still her favourite European city. An early cruiser, she might not recommend her first lines – freighters carrying steel and grain, rather than well-appointed dining rooms and swimming pools. (Hey – it brought hours of intrigue and excitement to a 7 year old!)  Thankfully, her more recent experiences have been much more luxurious. To this day, Dagmar still can’t get enough of being out on the open seas on a cruise ship! An avid diver and skier, Dagmar loves to explore the many beautiful dive destinations of the Caribbean, as well as the snowy slopes of the Rockies and the Alps. Dagmar would be thrilled to tap into her many travel experiences to help create your dream vacation. No matter the destination or experience you are looking for, her dedication to ensuring your vacation is worry-free knows no bounds.