Candice Minch
Independent Tocara Jewelery Consultant of Tocara Jewelery

Tocara offers Exquisite Sterling Silver jewelry with crystal and gemstone accents. The company with a head office/design in Quebec is located in St. Laurent. Tocara has top quality design standards with rhodium plated sterling silver jewelry to ensure the Wow Factor and Shine to its pieces. Big Events, Special Occasions Scream Tocara!! The Jewelry selection is Impressive and features an Elegant array of Cutting Edge design and Spectacular sparkle! This is a achieved by use of  Sterling Silver,Tocara crystal, Stainless steel, Swarovski crystal,Tocara fantasy crystal  & Gemstones – Outstanding & Eye-Catching! Contact Candice to see a Wide Array of Jewelry Samples and Catalogues.


Natalka Lee

Natalka Lee

Principal Planner & Event Designer of Natalka Celebrations Event Management & Design

Natalka Celebrations Event Management & Design will plan and manage a variety of events such as Weddings, parties,  corporate events and fundraising events.  With over 20 years of experience first with corporate events, meetings, conferences and marketing events we can assure our clients of the best possible services.  Our love for celebrations of all kinds has happily taken us to the Wedding and Personal events world as well.  We have, since 2007 had the privilege, of helping couples plan and celebrate their day.  Our specialty?  A happy celebration, cultural weddings, same sex weddings, our certified team of dedicated experts are at your service.  Natalka Lee, Principal Planner, invites you to browse the site featuring all our related services.