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This blog has been taken from Stefan Jez’s Uptown Xpress Productions blog with his permission. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we do!

You may have started to see some buzz on Facebook about a new group I am very proud to be part of… Introducing Love Share Events!

What Is It?

Love Share Events is a non-profit, collaborative group of event industry professionals who have come together to promote and support one another; and who believe in paying it forward. Our membership is growing, you can see our current members here!

How Did It Get Started?

About half a year ago, in late 2012, I had a meeting with Montreal wedding planner Natalka Lee. We had just met at a seminar a few weeks prior and wanted to get to know each other better and learn more about what we offered our clients.

This meeting turned into a brainstorming session that lasted almost all day! We came up with this unique and exciting concept; the creation of a collaborative business group of event professionals. We agreed we would not promote exclusivity by only having one member per category, we would invite multiple members of each category. The concept is easy, there is enough business for everyone and collaboration makes sense.

From there we started calling our friends, colleagues, contacts, vendors, people we knew would love the idea, and the group was formed!


What’s The Big Deal? Why Is This Different?

We wanted to do something unique in Montreal. First, there is no other collaborative group like this here. Not only that, but our group would also launch a contest that would award a [sic] wedding to a deserving Montreal couple each year!

The Wedding Contest

The Love Share Wedding Contest will not be a regular lottery ticket to win, we are looking for a family or couple who are truly deserving of something special and could use some love. Perhaps medical emergencies that forced them to delay their wedding, or had to cancel the wedding to take care of their sick children, or a couple that devotes all their time to their community helping others in need. This is the type of deserving couple we all would like to pay-it-forward to! All the rules for this contest will be up after our official launch, which is coming up!

A Couples Conference

Not only do we want to award a deserving couple their dream wedding, we also want to educate and help couples who are getting married in Montreal! We will create an annual wedding Couples Conference where we will be giving away free advice! It won’t be like your typical Montreal wedding show, we all know we have enough of those already! This will be an information based conference for couples where you will be able to speak directly to a variety of wedding and event professionals!
Share the Love!

There will be a lot more information released over the next couple of weeks. We are preparing our launch at the amazing L’Ambroisie’s new Espace Canal on August 21, 2013. That night we will officially announce the wedding contest and the couples wedding conference. The party is via invitation only (email for your invite!), if you are free that night, come over for some great company, food, drinks, and entertainment!

Find Love Share Events on Facebook too!

Montreal! Are you ready to Share the Love?! Because we are!

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